10 Most Important Tips for Professional Website Design

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Want to know how to convert simple web design into highly professional website design?
Are you launching a new website or planning for site redesign?

Then you must read this. Here you will get answers to all the questions regarding a perfect website design.

Website will not give the desired results if it is only based on simple mixture of content and design. Website should have certain qualities to improve its performance. Only visual appearance and content will not make your website successful there are lot of other factors that you must consider while designing a professional website.
People who visit your site should get the information they want, your website should give a rich user experience with unique and relevant content. Website should be user friendly with proper navigation so that browsing can be easy for visitors. For achieving such characteristics for your website you must consider all the points that will help in making your website professional for meeting your business goals.

Following are some tips for designing professional website:

1. Design Theme as per the objective:

Different types of website have different objectives such as providing information, generating revenue, improving brand awareness, increasing customer satisfaction etc. Website design should clearly reflect the purpose of making a website. User should get a clear idea of what you are offering in a single glance.
For example whenever you want to focus on selling any particular product, you must highlight its features, prices and promotional offers on landing page.

2. Responsive Design:

Responsive web design can get adapted to the screen it is accessed on regardless of the device used. User will get a better experience through responsive web design as it will suit any device.
According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. You can target your potential customers who are using other devices such as Smartphone and tablets.
As per the Google Algorithm update, responsive web design is useful for increasing visibility on search engine.
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3. Easy Navigation:

Though your website is creatively designed with relevant and meaningful content, it is of no use if user will not be able to use it or navigate through all pages. Website navigation should speed up the search process of users and assist them in finding the information they want.
Keeping simple navigation will encourage users to dig more information from your site. The longer user will stay at your page the more your page will rank.

4. Call To Action (CTA):

The most important part of your website which is directly connected to your conversion rate is Call to Action (CTA). Position of the CTA should be perfect to grab the attention of users. Clear content with proper size and color will make a CTA even more attractive.
CTA can direct users to take action such as buying, asking for quote, subscribing newsletter and so on. By using CTA you can achieve your business goals.


5. Unique & Relevant Content:

Unique content is the heart of a website, if the heart fails whole website will be a failure. Successful website needs a good content that delivers the exact information to the target audience.
People will be able to find you on search engine if your website has customer centric, relevant and keyword rich content. Your content should engage users and encourage them to take your desired action.

6. Social Links

Adding social links on your website can be an effective digital marketing strategy. Your social media presence on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. will create a strong bond with your target audience.
Increased communication through social platform can build trust and plays an important role in increasing traffic and conversions.

7. Contact Form with Map

Contact page of your website must have company’s address, contact number and a Map showing company address. Map will make it simple for users to get the directions to reach you.
One more important part is Lead Generating “Contact Form” through which your potential customers will be able to call you, email you or reach at your physical address.

8. Blogs

Blogs are the integral part of your content marketing strategy. By posting blogs on topics related to your products and services, you can showcase your knowledge and marketing skills. Blogs will boost up brand value of your business and develops better customer relationship.
Unique and relevant blog content drives traffic towards website and ultimately helps in getting higher rank in search engine result pages.

9. Live Chat Facility:

Live chat facility allows your website visitors to chat with you directly. It shows your dedication towards user convenience. As live chat is cheaper than phone call, you can reduce expenses on communication.
Customers feel more confident doing business with companies who give instant and easily accessible support.
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10. SEO-friendly Design:

SEO friendly Design refers to all the features of website that make it easy for search engine to understand what your website is about. SEO friendliness is compliance with search engine rules. Google analyzes your website for user experience and relevant content.
If your website is not optimized according to the updated algorithms of search engine then it will be difficult for it to get the higher rank in search engine result pages.
Above points are important for making your website professional but also consider what you should avoid while designing website.
1. Unwanted flash, large images and media files
2. Large blocks of Text without separation
3. Bunch of images without description

Professional website design is a key to successful online marketing strategy. Your online presence can build trust in users, provide guidance and convert leads into sales. So it’s time to utilize the most powerful marketing tool for increasing business revenue with a cost effective method of developing professional web design.
At IP Websoft, we have developed many professional SEO friendly web designs for our clients.

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