How to Increase Website Traffic?

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Are you struggling to get traffic to your websites?

Don’t worry. You are not alone. Many business owners and digital strategists are struggling for the same.

In this post you will get to know about some most effective ways that will help you to improve your website traffic.

Following are some proven strategies that you need to implement for increased traffic:

Use of Search Engine Optimization:

Your customers can find you easily when your website is showing in the top search results for highly competitive keywords related to your business. Search engine optimization helps to increase your website rank. With high position in search results you can attract the right people who are already looking to buy your products or services. The more your rank will be the more people will click here to visit your site.

Website Traffic

Optimize your Landing Page:

Landing page is the page on which user will be redirected when he will click on your link. The first thing user will notice on your website is your landing page. First impression of your website should be good enough to make the user travel around other pages.

Landing Page

Above image shows the sample landing page components for better user experience:

  1. Headline: It should tell people what your page is all about. Using important keywords in headline will make it easy for users as well as search engines to understand what you are offering.
  2. Sub headings: Use explanatory sub headings which will provide a good frame for the context. User should get the idea of the content from its sub heading. Proper use of heading tags will convey your priorities to the search engine where H1 has the highest priority and H6 has the lowest.
  3. Content: Deep information which satisfies the user intent. Engage users with highly relevant content that answers all the questions that may come to their mind before or after purchasing the product.
  4. Testimonials or reviews: 84% of users trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. It allows users to trust your brand.
  5. CTA (Call to Action): Perfectly positioned CTA which encourages users to take desired action.
  6. User Friendly Navigation: Make your user’s journey easy to find their destination.
  7. Visual Content: Grab your user’s attention with easy to consume visually appealing content.

Implementation of these few basic factors will make your landing page a happy place to visit.

Have a powerful social media strategy

Social Media Presence:

Have your business presence on popular social platforms where your potentials customers are spending most of their time. Whatever your industry may be, you will get substantial amount of audience on social media. People are using social media to consume data, purchase products, check reviews and many other things.

Every social media platform has its unique features and facilities but Facebook still rules the social media world. Use Facebook to connect with your prospects and distribute your content more effectively.

Facebook drives 23% of all traffic across the entire internet. Click To Tweet (Source)

Use such a powerful marketing tool for your business growth.  Attract more users and improve your website traffic through social media marketing. You can also use other social platforms such as twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. Having business presence on these popular social platforms can improve your brand awareness and build your relationship with existing as well as new customers.

Social link Integration:

To promote your online brand more effectively, you should integrate social media on your website. Give your visitors an easy access to your social business pages or accounts. Including social media buttons alongside the content or at top or bottom will help users navigate to your social media channels.

If you are integrating social media links on your site then you must maintain your social presence on daily or weekly basis.

Having a well planned social media strategy can boost your website traffic for sure.

Post Quality Content Regularly

Regularly post content on your website and social media. Quality blogs on your website will make you authoritative in your industry. It will improve your brand reputation and help users to trust your brand.

New blog post at regular interval will improve the number of returning visitors. You can also update your existing blogs with latest information.

You can gain way more traffic with updated post than publishing a new one. Click To Tweet

People who are in search of information about your offerings may end up visiting your site because of the informative blog posts on topics related to your products and services. This is another proven way to improve your website traffic.

Be Interactive:

Allow comments on your blogs. One of the informal ways to communicate is through comments. Allow your visitors to comment on your blog, this gives them the opportunity to share their feedback. You can get an idea how your content is being received also it is the best way to create a rapport with your visitors.

When you respond on your visitor’s comments, they feel connected. It creates a direct connection between you and your visitors. This connection will encourage them to visit back again for more. Increased interaction with your prospects can strongly convert them into loyal customers.

Pay Attention to Design:

Design the way your user will love to explore more. Your website represents your brand so you need to design your website in such a way that it will reflect your business objective. Aesthetically pleasing design can grab the viewer’s attention and helps to keep him on a page for longer period.

Have a responsive design to make it available for everyone from any device. Page loading speed is another important factor to be considered for better user experience. The faster your page loads the more are the chances of conversion. Check out workers compensation attorney sacramento website.

Allow to Subscribe:

Interested users should have the ability to subscribe to your content. Increase your email list with more subscribers. Allowing visitors to subscribe to your content opens the opportunity of getting contact for email marketing. You can build loyalty and trust with customers by sending regular updates and offers Subscribers will get regular updates and can visit your site with just one click through their mail itself.

It is one of the biggest sources of traffic you can have for your website. Subscribers and traffic go hand in hand. Increased subscribers will result in increased traffic.

I hope this post will help you to improve your strategy for increasing traffic. We at IP Websoft are providing SEO services, Social Media Marketing, Website Designing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and many other digital marketing services. You can contact us for customized digital marketing campaign to achieve your business goals.

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