How to switch from HTTP to HTTPS?

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Is your website secure? Have you ever thought of getting hackers attack on your website?

Not yet. Then you must think about it now. Because as per the website hacking statistics:

“2227 websites have been hacked in just one month of Feb 2018” Click To Tweet( Source: WebARXsecurity)

Don’t worry. In this article, you will get the perfect solution to secure your website from malwares and hacking attacks.

But before that

Let us understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS:

Http Vs HTTPs


HTTP is a Hyper Text Transfer protocol which is used in Networking. It is used for transferring information like images, texts, videos and other files on web page. When any user types any web address in web browser, browser requests for the information from server through HTTP protocol. The web server fetches and transfers the required web page to the browser.

  • It uses PORT 80 for Communication.
  • It is Unsecured.
  • There is No Encryption.
  • No Certificates required.
  • URL begins with HTTP. For example: ““.


HTTPS is a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. S stands for Secure. This protocol uses an encrypted HTTP connection by transport layer security. This is the recommended and more secure way to use websites.

  • It uses PORT 443 for Communication.
  • It is more Secured.
  • It is Encrypted.
  • SSL Certificate is required.
  • URL begins with HTTPS. For example: “”.

Switching to HTTPS means your website will be secure from malicious attacks & hackers. It helps to encrypt your website connection to prevent hackers from grabbing your data. Your data and customer’s data will be safe on HTTPS version of your site. You can protect your site from malicious ads or spyware which may give bad user experience to your site visitors.

Benefits of HTTPS:

Security & Trust:

One of the major benefits of switching to HTTPS is that it adds security and trust. Transactions performed online may involve submitting personal information such as credit card information, usernames and passwords. You will have a peace of mind knowing that your website is secure and no one can hack yours & your customer’s important data. Users prefer secure websites over others. Secure sites make your consumers more comfortable to use and interact on your site.

Website Ranking:

If your website is (with https version) secure then you have an advantage of getting better rank in search engine result pages over your competitors using http version. Google search engine will always prefer secure sites having hypertext transfer protocol secure HTTPS over HTTP.

Google has officially announced that “HTTPs may break ties between two equal search results.” Click To Tweet (Source – Google’s Garry Illyes Video chat )

Mobile SEO:

More than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices. Your website should be mobile friendly to give rich user experience to the visitors accessing your site from mobile devices. When you are optimizing your site for mobile SEO, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the most important part. Google has developed AMP to ensure that web pages loads faster on mobile devices. But if you want to use AMP for your website then your website must be served by HTTPS. AMP doesn’t work on the websites served by HTTP. So in order to optimize your site for Mobile SEO, you need a secure responsive website with AMP.

How to get SSL certificate for your website?

SSL Certificate

You will need SSL certificate to make your website secure. There are many options from where you can buy SSL certificate, few of them are NameCheap, Godaddy, Geotrust and so on. SSL certificate is nothing but a paragraph of letter and numbers that only your site knows Many host providers activate SSL certificate for your website. You just need to wait for 1-2 days to let them do the activation for you.

How to migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS?

Once the certificate gets activated on your site, you can check it by visiting If you can access your website, this means that your SSL certificate has activated properly. But still there is one part remaining that is to make sure that your visitors visit your site through HTTPS.

One method of setting 301 redirects from http to https is by adding following code in .htaccess file of your website.

.htaccess code

If you have WordPress website then you can migrate your site from HTTP to HTTPS with the help of plugin. You just need to install and activate Really Simple SSL plugin. In settings one more option will appear as SSL. This plugin automatically detects your SSL certificate and manages all the redirects itself.

SSL Setrup

Now that you have known almost everything about security of your site, do you want to add https to your business website? No need to worry about doing all these critical procedures all by yourself. Any professional web development company will help you to make your site secure and trustworthy. If you need some guidance regarding this, then feel free to contact us. At IP Websoft we have helped many of our clients getting secure website. Also we’d love to hear your views and queries in comments discover here.

Be secure and let your customers trust you!

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