The Complete Guide to Google AdWords

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Want to know how to get started with Google AdWords?

Then you are at the right place!

Here, you will get all the information that you need to know about Google AdWords with step by step procedure to set up new ad campaign. But before getting into the details first understand what exactly Google AdWords is.

What is Google AdWords?

It is an online advertising platform where you can show your ads to your targeted audience. Your ad will be shown in the search results at the top and bottom of the page. Google ads are same as other search results only with the addition of small green box with “Ad”.

Google AdWords allows you to show your text or visual ads to the specific audience. When a user will search for your business related terms then your ad will appear in search results. This is the best way to show your business at the top of search engine results for your keywords and you only have to pay when your ad gets clicked.
Before placing ad on Google, you need to focus on your website. Whenever user will click on your ad, he will be redirected to your website. So website should be efficient enough to make user take your desired action of purchase.

Website – Ready to advertise:

To advertise on Google, you must have a well structured website. Website should be user friendly to give a rich user experience. User should get satisfied with the high quality user oriented content. Think like a user; add answers to all the questions that may rise in user’s mind.
Analyze the terms that people may use to search for your products and services online. Use those keywords in your content. Having keyword rich content will indicate what your site is all about.
Once you are ready with these prerequisites, you can start planning your ad campaign on Google AdWords.

Choose the best suitable campaign type:

First decide which type of ad campaign you need for your business to achieve your goal. According to your goal, you can choose on which network you want to display your ad – Search Network or Display Network.
Google allows you to place your ad on its search network and display network. According to your requirement you can select the network where you want to show your Ad.

With a search campaign, your ad can appear in the search results when someone searches for your keyword. If you want to drive more traffic to your site then search campaign will be the best choice for you.

For increasing your brand awareness, you can select display campaign. With a display campaign, your ad can appear on Google’s display network.

Let’s see the step by step procedure to start your ad Campaign:

To start your campaign, go to, Click on the “Get started now” button, and sign up for an AdWords account. Once you’re logged in, click on “Create your first campaign” button.

1. Choose Campaign Type:

First, choose the campaign type, for beginners “Search Network only” option is recommended, then assign name to your campaign.

2. Select Geographic location:

Choose the geographic location where you want to show your ad. You can choose whole countries, regions of countries, states or cities. You can also choose the radius of miles or kilometers around a specific address.

3. Set your daily budget:

Choose your “bid strategy,” and set your daily budget. Your daily budget is the maximum that Google is authorized to charge you per day.

4. Create Effective Ad:

Create an effective ad that user can’t resist to click on it. There are 3 subparts of text ad – Headline, URL and Description.
• Headline:
People will notice your headline first so it should be attractive to get more clicks. Including keywords in headline will make it more relevant to the customer’s search. Ad headlines are limited to 25 characters. Make sure that your headline appears well on mobile devices maid service bronx ny.
• URL:
URL will be your targeted website address where people will be redirected when they click on your ad. 35 characters of your URL will be displayed in your Ad. You can add longer URL but in your ad it will be shortened.
• Description:
Highlight unique details of your products and service in description. Description field is limited to 80 characters. To make your ad more attractive use Call to Action. Show customers what makes you stand out of competition.

5. Choose Keywords:

Use keyword planner tool to find keywords and get the search volume data. Selection of keywords will show you how much clicks and impressions you will get with your set budget.

Insert your keywords into the keyword field in your account. Paste in your keywords. Start with just one set, and add plus signs (+), brackets ([ ]), and quotes (“ “) to see precisely how many searches of each type you’ll get.

6. Review you ad setting:

Double-check your ad, keywords & daily budget to be sure they’re the best possible match.

7. Enter your billing information:

Your ad will start showing as soon as you confirm your payment information. You are all set with your Google AdWord Campaign.
Now that you know how to setup your ad campaign, let’s go through the benefits of having ad campaign on Google.

With Google AdWords you can:

1. Control your budget:

You can use keyword planner to select keywords and bid amount according to your monthly budget. Your ad position in search result depends on your bid, ad quality and your landing page. You can set maximum cost per day for your ad campaign. You can change the budget whenever you want.

2. Reach customers with targeting options:

You must ensure that your ad is being shown to the right people at right time. Google allows you to target your customers to whom you want to show your ad. With targeting options, you can reach to the more relevant audience.
You can target people who intend to purchase your products. You can target people with particular age range, gender, parental status, or household income. Also you can target the location and device from which your ad is accessed.

3. Pay only when someone clicks:

The best advantage of having ads on Google is you only need to pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can set how much you want to pay per click on you ad. Whenever someone clicks on your ad, your bid amount gets reduced from your daily budget. This way you can be sure that your campaign budget will not exceed the set amount limit.
So we can say that by having ad on Google, you are investing for assured results. With increased traffic the chance of business growth is higher.

4. Track and monitor:

Google AdWords allows you to track your ad campaign success. You can track how many people see your ad, how many people take the desired action and so on.
If you notice that you are getting lot of clicks but there are low purchase actions then you must improve your landing page relevancy with ad quality If you notice, you are not getting your desired results for some keywords then you can stop that ad and increase the bid for best performing keywords. By monitoring every activity, you can improve the performance of your ad campaign.

Utilize all AdWords tools to make a successful ad campaign. If you are still not sure about having Google Ads for your business then have a look at the statistic from the Google Economic Impact Report:
Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords. Click To Tweet
Now you must be thinking of having it for your business. We at IP Websoft are successfully managing pay per click advertising campaigns of our clients. Our clients are happy to get the best Return on Investment (ROI) by selecting this online marketing strategy.

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